The Use of Permanent Magnet Crane

Permanent magnet crane is very suitable for field operation because of its simple operation and no power consumption. It can also lift some special iron articles without power supply. It is widely used in machinery industry, mould manufacturing industry, warehouse and transportation industries which need to be handled and assisted.

  1. Before use, read the instruction manual of the permanent magnet crane. Pay special attention to its performance, specifications and precautions. If there is any unclear place, please consult the manufacturer in time to avoid accidents during the operation.
  2. Each time before use and after use, it must be inspected in detail to ensure that all parts of it can be used normally. If it is damaged or repaired or replaced in time, do not use permanent magnet crane with damaged parts, so as to avoid serious consequences.
  3. When using permanent magnet crane, pay attention to the surrounding environment. The temperature should not be too low or too high, and there should be no corrosive agent around which corrosive metals can be found.
  4. Avoid collision and knock on it during work, so as not to affect its performance and life.    
  5. When not in use, the bottom should be protected by oiling.

Permanent magnet crane should be used in strict accordance with the provisions, do not overload the use, in order to avoid accidents. 

Post time: Dec-17-2018


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