The Usage of Permanent Magnet Sucker

The permanent magnet chuck is designed by the continuity principle of magnetic flux and the superposition principle of magnetic field.The magnetic circuit of the permanent magnet chuck is designed into several magnetic systems,and the magnetic field strength on the working magnetic pole surface is added by the relative motion of the magnetic system,through this way to achieve the purpose of holding and unloading.

 The permanent magnet chuck adopts high-performance permanent magnet material Nd-Fe-B as the core of the product, which makes the product smaller in size, stronger lifting force and longer-lasting magnetic force.The permanent magnet sucker can be used without electricity,which is in order to  save power trouble.The optimized magnetic circuit design makes the residual magnetism almost zero.The professional design of appearance makes the product more beautiful.

Usage of Permanent Magnet Sucker:

Place the workpiece on the table of the sucker,and then insert the wrench into the shaft hole to hold the workpiece for processing.

In order to prevent any possible accidental rotation of the wrench during magnetization,the wrench should be removed before processing.

After the workpiece is processed,insert the wrench into the shaft hole and turn it 180 degrees counterclockwise to “OFF” to complete the demagnetization and safely remove the workpiece.

At the same time,the permanent magnet chuck should also pay attention to its maintenance after use, in order to extend its service life

Post time: Dec-17-2018


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